Truly one of the godfathers of UK drill as we know it, NitoNB undoubtedly sets himself apart from other rappers of his era. Fiercely committed to honoring only authentic illustrations of the street life that birthed him, Nito is revered for his raw insights which he continuously dresses in ever-evolving editions of sonic grit and refreshing lyrical technicality.

The NB in his name is representative of Northolt, a town in West London with a reputation for poverty, crime and violence. First coming on the scene in 2017 with ‘Drilling’ ft. MadMax, the breakout single quickly amassed millions of views and immediately made NitoNB a contender for one of the most exciting talents of the genre. Continuing his prodigious rise, Nito then went on to drop a slew of impressive singles and freestyles, with standouts including Rise & Tan and Lightwork Freestyle going on to receive a combined 25 million views between them.

Nito’s ability to consistently impress listeners through his creation of hood anthems and hard hitting bangers has given him a cult fanbase, widely considering him one of the most talented and underrated pioneers of the UK drill genre.

NitoNB’s life in the streets and dealings with the judiciary system caused lengthy disappearances, leading him to neglect an eagerly devoted fanbase. Nevertheless, after dropping his first mixtape 'Fashionably Late' he continues to display his evolution as an artist by heart.